National Organizations

Concerned United Birthparents  Concerned United Birthparents, Inc. provides support for all family members separated by adoption; resources to help prevent unnecessary family separations; education about the life-long impact on all who are touched by adoption; and advocates for fair and ethical adoption laws, policies, and practices.

American Adoption Congress  The American Adoption Congress is comprised of individuals, families and organizations committed to adoption reform. They represent those whose lives are touched by adoption or other loss of family continuity. They promote honesty, openness and respect for family connections in adoption, foster care and assisted reproduction. AAC provides education for members and professional communities about the lifelong process of adoption and advocates for legislation that will grant every individual access to information about his or her family and heritage.

Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture seeks to promote understanding of the experience and institution of adoption in relation to literature, history, philosophy, anthropology, law, political theory, cultural studies, and other humanistic disciplines, and to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of artistic creation dealing with adoption and related issues in poetry, fiction, memoir, film and other disciplines. ASAC holds biennial conferences and publishes a journal Adoption & Culture. Back issues are can be purchased through their website.

Support Groups

Click here for a list of support groups in the United States and Canada compiled by American Adoption Congress

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